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Hair removal for women has now become not only a luxury. It’s more of a necessity these days, especially in areas like the underarm, legs, and above the upper lip that keeps us looking neat and clean. Although hair can’t be removed permanently, it can be reduced significantly through a process that’s better than traditional shaving and waxing. The first is by using electrolysis and the other is the commonly used laser hair removal method. These can be availed in beauty salon services in San Antonio TX.

Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal

With electrolysis, a probe-like device is placed beside every hair follicle. A low radio frequency is radiated so that the hair follicle absorbs the heat rendering the follicles useless. Laser, on the other hand, transmits its light to the hair follicle. And because of the melanin that is present in the pore, it absorbs the light, gets converted to heat, and the follicle will get destroyed.

The More Effective Between the Two

When compared to laser hair removal, the procedure involved in electrolysis requires more steps to be taken. Every hair follicle will have to be targeted and it will take longer to accomplish. The plus factor in this method is there’s a greater chance of complete reduction or removal of hair. In the case of using a laser, a larger probe is used on a bigger area at any given time, takes less time to finish, and there are fewer inconvenient side effects like pain and swelling.

While laser seems a better option, the disadvantage is that there may not be enough melanin in hair follicles to absorb the laser light, which gets converted to heat and destroys the hair-growing process. Because of this, multiple sessions are needed and they don’t guarantee 100% removal of the lighter and thinner hair. Spa services in San Antonio TX offer both treatments.

Other Factors to Consider

Aside from not being able to use laser hair removal on the eyebrows because of their proximity to the eyes, they both have their advantages depending on what the person is looking for. Electrolysis might be more cumbersome, but you get better results with it. It costs less but one will need more sessions to get the job done. As for the laser option, it’s a more popular choice among those who want a time-saving service. However, it’s more expensive and works best only on people with light skin and dark hair.

If post-treatment discomfort is to be considered, both have their respective levels of pain after one undergoes the procedure. It’s worth mentioning though that laser hair removal is second only to electrolysis in this area. On top of that, the use of a laser is not suitable for someone dark-skinned as it may have an adverse effect on the person.

The Final Do’s & Don’ts

The restoration process for both treatments takes three to four days. You can use aloe vera gel or Vitamin E gel to hydrate and soothe your skin after treatment. In the meantime, nothing harsh should be applied to the skin like acne or eczema medications. Stay away from things that’ll make you sweat excessively like sun exposure, the steam room, or heavy exercises for a day or two, and avoid hot showers too. Get helpful tips from those who provide beauty salon services in San Antonio TX.

Lastly, choose a licensed aesthetician to take care of you. Rosa Gonzales of Spa de Rosa is your best bet at maintaining that sparkling appearance of youth.

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